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Pull Up a Chair

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In the busy outside interactions of summer in the city, it’s often difficult to find a place of retreat, where one can stand back and observe what moments ago one was in the midst of. On a recent evening photo shoot, in front of Union Station,Denver’s newly repurposed and renovated train station plaza, just such a place made itself known. A breakfast restaurant with outdoor seating, was closed, but oh the delightful configurations of myriad plastic chairs at rest before the next performance.

In the midst of the surrounding hustle and bustle, I observed our two chairs leaning in for a chat and thought about many past joyous moments of sitting with someone in deep conversation, totally oblivious to what was happening all around. We’ve lost something when we so often engage in transaction with our devices while at the same time trying to experience deeper interaction with the human soul across from us. Many times not just wanting to experience deeper, but hungering for it.

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Change It UP












Before moving to Denver , my hikes occurred on summer vacations. Yesterday  a friend and I went on a spring hike.  The trail started from a parking lot about 15 minutes from my house. Soon we were climbing higher and  proceeded up a series of switchbacks with a generally smooth path along with patches of rocky terrain. We hiked to the top, sat on rocks to eat our snack and then completed the loop of 4 miles back to the car.  I was home by lunch. OK, so what?

Well the rest of the story is that with minimal effort, I saw purple,teal,and fuchsia spring flowers that I had never seen before, hiked up the back of the well known Red Rocks Amphitheater, AND saw numerous nests of caterpillars in their silken  nursery tents  (see today’s image), resting  – perhaps after munching on their host plant’s leaves.  Take that you boring treadmill at the fitness center.

I had so much energy and a great attitude when I got home, that I planted most of my small backyard garden and added some new scented flowers by the front steps in anticipation of the rain which didn’t come until tonight.  Then I got to see the new plants dancing in the rain.  I would have missed this latest delight because I had planned to watch some T.V. after my big day … thankfully the cable was out and I had hours “to be”.

A personal note: Please pray for a young man name Ty who is in a major battle with his enemy, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.








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“Open Doors Denver”















“Open Doors Denver” is an annual  two day event event  in April sponsored by the Denver Cultural Affairs Office. The purpose is to celebrate design and architecture at over  70 sites  which are open to the public over the course of 2 days. It is a delight as a photographer to have access to places high above the city streets as well as walking into landmark building with unique views of of rooftops at eye level.  Part of the fun is a photo contest where the public votes for their favorite pictures.

The door in today’s image was the last one of the day as I was heading home.  We are intrigued I think about the idea of doors in our lives opening with new possibilities, and yet what I loved about this rather ordinary picture is that the door was closed but offered a reflection of three lighted windows across the street.

It is an interesting dilemma re: doors.  Sometimes the door isn’t open so we have to wait for the right timing;  sometimes it is slammed shut; other times the door is wide open and we are unable or unwilling to walk through it; in another scenario we must open the door; and finally perhaps  the door is wide open, we’ve entered and the time comes to close the door behind us.

There are many opportunities and much that is painful when doors open and close.  I wish you friends for the journey and courage to look for the light that illuminates.


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