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Away for Christmas and New Year 2017-2018

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And just like that … there it was, the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, France across from the park my son and I were walking in on a gloomy, damp January day. In three days I’d be flying back to Denver after spending 2 weeks in Germany, pre and post Christmas with friends, and then a train ride to Paris to visit a son who was visiting too.

There are times in life when traveling thousands of miles to be with others in a special season is exactly the best gift one could receive. Well, for me anyway, since my first home was in Germany many years ago and I had always had a desire to go back for Christmas as an adult. It was everything I had hoped for and then some. Sleeping at sea level on gloomy winter days with little sunshine is the most relaxing sleep that I can ever remember. The German word for my adventure is Erholung: Rest, Recreation,and Recovery.

In this year of 2018 my wish for you is to find a place of Erholung, whether near or far away to reflect on what is really important to you as you navigate the seasons of your life.


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Looking closely at today’s image, you’ll see a small tree growing out of a rock field on a ledge near a waterfall at Yellowstone National Park.  The falls are more famous as well as spectacular grand views  often seen on postcards.  What intrigued me about this small tree, was it’s actual existence in a harsh environment. Think of the various conditions of wind, rain,  hail storm and at times extreme heat and cold; look closely at the small bend in the tree, suggesting at one time perhaps a boulder lodged in its trunk and yet it is quite hardy, crowned with healthy new evergreen growth.


At this year closes perhaps we can be grateful that in the midst of our sometimes  difficult conditions we at some point – if we’re open to that – are transformed by change and loss and after a time of grieving and  anger and inconvenience and love and nurture by those close in heart, even if far away, in the new season the new growth appears and the heart rejoices; changed, but with stronger roots to withstand the opportunities and challenges of being human.

Blessings to you and yours as you gather near and far in the coming days rejoicing in the love of God and neighbor.



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“To every thing there is a season …









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“To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven …” the writer of Ecclesiastes tells us in the First Testament.

This week brought news of  changes in season for several people of my acquaintance.  A young seemingly healthy man and his family were confronted with a serious health challenge which will extend into several seasons; another is pondering what next regarding career changes; a third is facing continued tension over several seasons regarding past financial challenges.

My wish for them and all of us who are navigating new seasons, is that we remember to be encouraged by the beautiful and familiar that is always with us.  Light in the midst of winter’s darkness; hope that the melting ice brings water for the new growth in the spring; and most of all the love of creator,redeemer ,sustainer, and  family and friends to hold us  in their hearts  as we  courageously blaze new trails  yet unknown .




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